Current support in Sinjar

On the 7th of March 2017 we have gotten photographs and information documenting the help that Yezidi Human Rights Organization – International has provided on behalf of Eaglwatch Foundation in Sinjar.
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Help us rebuild and furnish a primary school in Alqosh

A joint effort by Eaglewatch, Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom w Żywcu and Estera Foundation.

Alqosh is a fairly small city of a dozen or so thousands denizens. It is located less then 50 kilometers north of Mosul. This important heartland of Assyrian Christians has never been captured by Daesh (ISIS). As such it has become a temporary home for many refugees. read more…

Qassim Fawas Khalaf. A boy whom we help

When we came back from Iraq in June 2016 we told you about Qassim Fawas Khalaf – a six year old sick boy who lives with his parents in refugees’ camp in Khanke village, near Dahuk. The Khalaf family are Yazidis. As thousands of others, they were forced to escape Sinjar in the wake of Daesh’s (ISIS) onslaught. They left their land in August 2014.
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We have provided soldiers of the anti-terrorist coalition with winter clothing

Dear Supporters,

last year, in December, we have been informing you, that we are collecting donations for the terrorists’ victims in Northern Iraq. In winter the temperature there often oscillates around below zero. The refuges are living in the tents and anti-terrorist coalition forces (as a result of their victories over ISIS and re-location of the front line) frequently station in the hastily made entrenchments.
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Therapeutic workshops and sewing classes for Yezidi women freed from ISIS captivity

Eaglewatch helps terrorists’ victims in a multiple ways. As you know, we provide medical equipment to the soldiers as well as humanitarian help to displaced families (including those of actively fighting soldiers), families of the fallen as well as women freed from Daesh’s (ISIS’) captivity. We also think about how would those people live in places re- captured from the terrorists hands. Their homes have been wrecked, and there is no way of finding employment. Women that have stayed in captivity for long months not only need financial help, but also a psychological support.
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Report on Eaglewatch expedition with humanitarian aid to Iraq (21-28/10/2016)

Dear Eaglewatch supporters,

As announced, you will find on our page a report on humanitarian aid expedition of Eaglewatch to Kurdistan and the Nineveh Plains (21/10 – 28/10/2016). In this report, you will find an account of meetings that took place during that time, places visited by Eaglewatch as well as the amount and extent of support given to the victims of Daesh terrorism and to their defenders. read more…

Help victims of terrorism in the Middle East

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