EagleWatch – how do we provide medical help

EagleWatch – how do we provide medical help

It is always when one person is sick the whole family suffers. There are thousands of people in IDP camps and outside of them that need some sort of procedures and medical attention. More often then not they have to pay to see the doctor and families that have just gone through the war are not able to afford this.

In most cases the cost of the entire procedure sums up to few thousand of Polish zlotys. Of course, every case is different. Some are more complicated, some are easy to be dealt with. We are happy that we were able to help in some of them because most of those families had no one to turn to.

Two years ago we were telling you about Quassim’s case, a young boy that was diagnosed with a life threatening conditio affecting the digestive system. We have financed three medical procedures that made him feel better. Last year we have helped Khoke who injured her spine during an escape from Sinjar. We have met both of them during our visits in Iraq. Today I want you to meet another two people that have gotten better thanks to your suport.

They have escaped a Sinjar massacre, now they live in the Esiyan IDP camp and need help

Shamy, a 64 – years old woman is the first of them. She needen a fairly easy procedure of removing a gallbladder. 1500 PLN that was needed for the operation was far out of her reach even though she was in pain for several months. Shamy was left alone when her husband died and her only brother that she used to live with was kidnapped during the invasion on Sinjar. He was never seen again. When she escaped Sinjar she ended up in Esiyan IDP camp where she met Ramy, our friend who helped us many times with our projects. He has asked us for help with Shamy’s operation which we gladly provided.

Pomogliśmy w sfinansowaniu operacji Shamy - 64 letniej wdowy z Bashiqi

The second case was far more complicated. Ahdab is 18 but she looks like a little girl. She has lost her parents and lives with her siblings in very harsh conditions. Her brother has died after being treated in hospital because they were not able to look after him properly. Ahdab was diagnosed with colon outgrow. The only way to help was to get some part of her large bowel removed. She needed three procedures and spent 10 months in hospital but she is feeling better. During that time, Latih, our volunteer and friend who has invited us to stay in his home was looking after her and supporting her.

Ahdab dochodziła do siebie po operacji przez ponad 10 miesięcy

We have a full list of another people that wait for our help. We surely will not be able to hel pall of them but we will be trying with all our might because health is the most important treasure of all. If someone is sick, he or she will not be able to go to work or school and in turn, will stay in the same hopeless situation they have eneded up in after the war. They are not able to live normally and in most cases have no one to turn to.

Ahdab żyje w fatalnych warunkach

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