Our mission is to help terrorist’s victims in the Middle East


We support displaced families and people freed from Daesh’s (ISIS’) captivity as well as volunteer soldiers of the antiterrorist coalition and their families.


Displaced families and former slaves that we help are mostly Yazidis. They are a target of a particular atrocity of Daesh’s extremist because they are not “people of the Book” what means that they have not been mentioned in the Quran. They are being treated much worse than Christians. Those who have not been killed or captured by the terrorists found a refuge in the villages and camps near Duhok.

Some of the slaves, mostly women and children have been redeemed from captivity by their families what brought them to a complete financial ruin. In the villages and camps that they live at they lack just about everything. Eaglewatch provide them with the financial help that allows them to buy food, necessities, tents and medication.


Soldiers that we provide help to are mostly Assyrians, Christians from the Northern Iraq (including Iraqi Kurdistan) and Syria. Most of them were forced to flee their homes along with their families. Their towns and villages have been captured by Daesh (ISIS). They do not wish to abandon the land of their fathers and wander about the world as immigrants. As opposed to escaping, they have volunteered to join Christian units. They are supported by the government in Irbil or the central authorities in Baghdad. Unfortunately, they are not sufficiently founded. More often than not the soldiers are not being paid and as a result are not able to support their families. They lack basic medical equipment, personal protection gear and even uniforms. Eaglewatch provides them with professional personal first aid kits, medical packs and personal protection gear for the life savers. We also teach them basics of tactical combat casualty care. We give them warm jackets, underwear and combat boots as well.

Because of the difficult financial situation soldiers are not able to provide for their families, who were forced to escape in the wake of Daesh’s (ISIS’) onslaught. Eaglewatch helps them too (eg. by financing food rations) so they can fully devote themselves to protecting civilians from the terrorists.


Eaglewatch Foundation in cooperation with Children’s Aid Foundation in Żywiec also helps widows and orphans of the fallen Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers from the Faramande Sbelk Forces unit. This Muslim unit fights side by side with the Christians. In May 2016 they have suffered many losses being attacked by the terrorists from Daesh (ISIS). We provide Faramande Sbelk Forces unit with first aid kits and medical packs as well.


We are also planning other forms of help for people living in the places ruined and recaptured form Daesh (ISIS).

DSC_0630_małe Children in the refugees camp near Duhok


DSC_0329_małe Refugee-soldiers during TCCC training


Sieroty po żołnierzu Peszmergi Orphaned Peshmerga soldier’s children


Help victims of terrorism in the Middle East

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