Eaglewatch Foundation


Eaglewatch has been founded in March 2016 by former Polish Navy Lieutenant Commander Bartosz Rutkowski.


On the 7th of October 2015 he has read the news about a little 12- years old Assyrian boy who has been captured, tortured and crucified by Daesh (ISIS). He immediately thought about his own sons. One of them was twelve at the time.

He decided to help terrorists’ victims in the Middle East. After 22 years of service he left the army and stopped being a professional soldier on the 31st of January 2016. Mere six days after that, he was on his way to Iraq. He wanted to assess the needs of the Iraqi people personally and determine the best ways of providing help. He has acquired a press ID from one of the Polish TV stations. As a journalist was able to schedule meetings with representatives of the local societies and authorities as well as get himself to places located near the frontline to which access was partially denied.

When he got back to Poland he has decided to found a charity.



Bartosz Rutkowski
Polish Navy Reserve Lieutenant commander



Selim Chazbijewicz
PhD, professor at University of Warmia and Mazury in
representative of the Tatars community in Poland

Ryszard Klimczyk
legal advisor

Piotr Sawrycki


e-mail: foundation@eaglewatch.org.pl

Telephone number: +48 510421898

Documentary “I’m only here to help…”

Documentary about the creation of the Eagle Watch Foundation and its founder and president Bartosz Rutkowski. Made by Telewizja Dla Zdrowia.



DSC_0778_1 - KopiaBartosz Rutkowski – founder and head of Eaglewatch

Help victims of terrorism in the Middle East

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