Help victims of terrorism in the Middle East

How can you help?

Financial support

Your donations will enable Eaglewatch Foundation to help displaced victims of the terrorists in the Middle East return to their normal lives.

Foundation data:

Fundacja Orla Straż

84-207 Bojano

ul. Bartników 12

Bank accounts:

Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.

ul. Redłowska 52, 81-450 Gdynia

EUR: 54175000120000000033324936
USD: 63175000120000000033324968
GPB: 19175000120000000034119414
SWIFT: RCBWPLPW, IBAN: PL + account number



The more people know about the fate of the terrorists’ victims in the Middle East, the more of them we will be able to help.
We encourage you to inform your family and friends about the Eaglewatch and the societies we provide help to. We invite you to visit our website, blog and Facebook and share our posts in social media. We would be more than happy to provide you with information materials such as posters and flyers.

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Orla Straż sfinansowała zakup autobusu szkolnego dla dzieci w Khanke