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I did not want to be indifferent [Interview with Bart]

Bartosz Rutkowski is the founder and the president of the Eagle Watch Foundation. He is also a retired officer of the Polish Army, where he served for 22 years. His biography includes many interesting memories. Parachute jumping, diving, even running away from the...

A ‘fishing rod’ instead of a ‘fish’: the Great Job Project

The money spent on humanitarian aid and the number of people who received it do not matter. What is important is to achieve a simple goal. The assumption of the Great Job Project is to help families to become self-reliant. Apart from helping them financially, it also...

The Volunteer (Interview with Dawid)

This article will be different than others. I will write about myself, and that is never easy. It will not be a perky story about adventures on a frontline. A lot has been said about that. But I would like to add a few words about myself.The reportage that has been...

Helping in the time of the pandemic

The nationwide quarantine has already been lasting for more than six weeks. Whom have we managed to help during this time? Is providing help in such conditions possible at all?In Iraq, similarly to Poland, many restrictions and prohibitions have been imposed that aim...

The return of ISIS – Should we expect the second clash?

In March last year, the media raced to report that the anti-terror coalition recaptured the village of Baghouz in Syria – the ‘last bastion of ISIS’. At the time, I published a short article [The world has announced a victory over ISIS. Rightly so?] which referred to...

Fundraising for educational center for widows and children in Khanke

More than 250 women and children learn here every day and attend therapy sessions.

Fundraising for rebuilding workplaces

‘Great Job’ Project – We are rebuilding workplaces destroyed by terrorists.

Special purpose fundraisers

You can support the Eaglewatch Foundation’s activities by choosing a specific purpose.

How We act

Learn more about projects implemented by the Orla Straż Foundation in territories recovered from terrorists.

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