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About small, human needs

Browsing through the data about war activities, crises, or even the coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult not to have the impression that the world loves statistics. Every day we observe charts and graphs presenting new infections. However, I will not relate to the...

I fought for my land [Interview with Majid]

In 1991, he joined the Iraqi army, where he served for 6 years. He is a journalist. In 2014, when ISIS took Mosul, he did not hesitate for a moment. He joined a self-defense unit formed by the APP (Assyrian Patriotic Party), for which he was a spokesman. Majid is an...

To hear the voice of Yazidis [Interview with Farhad]

For more than two years, he has lived and studied in France. He left Iraq fleeing ISIS terrorists’ persecution. Now he is trying to spread awareness about the 2014 genocide of Yazidis as far as possible. He was a witness to that genocide. Farhad comes from Sinjar...

Will Christianity disappear from the Middle East?

Looking at the current situation in Iraq, we can assume that within the next two decades this is exactly what is going to happen. The centuries-long history and presence of Christianity in these territories seemed to be lasting and imperishable. We are talking about a...

Powdered milk for children – A joint project with Caritas Poland

In the 10th episode of "Z wody w piach" (Polish only) Bartek talked about a project of the purchase of powdered milk for children living in wild camps, which we implemented thanks to Caritas Poland's support. He emphasized that the most important task of foundations...

Fundraising for educational center for widows and children in Khanke

More than 250 women and children learn here every day and attend therapy sessions.

Fundraising for rebuilding workplaces

‘Great Job’ Project – We are rebuilding workplaces destroyed by terrorists.

Special purpose fundraisers

You can support the Eaglewatch Foundation’s activities by choosing a specific purpose.

How We act

Learn more about projects implemented by the Orla Straż Foundation in territories recovered from terrorists.

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