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Everyone deserves a place to call home (WATCH)

After taking control of Sinjar, terrorists started looting. They robbed shops and houses before blowing them up. By the end of 2019, we had built 65 houses for families that fled ISIS. It was the first phase of reinhabiting the entire region. Now we are trying to...

We are starting another year of helping terrorism victims.

We have smoothly moved on to 2021 and already managed to help the first family. But I will begin with what we promised before the end of the last year, namely with good news from the building sites of new houses in Sinjar. New buildings were raised more than two...

[A Close Point of View] How to help without harming?

The good can be found in almost each one of us, and sooner or later it somehow reveals itself. Only a very few individuals derive pleasure from seeing others’s suffering, and usually it’s a result of some kind of psychological disorder. Sometimes we are moved by the...

Helping. It makes sense.

When helping people in a country such as Iraq, it needs to be taken into consideration that not everything will always go according to a plan. The worst thing is powerlessness. In some cases, we are simply unable to help. There are complicated and costly medical...

Fundraising for educational center for widows and children in Khanke

More than 250 women and children learn here every day and attend therapy sessions.

Fundraising for rebuilding workplaces

‘Great Job’ Project – We are rebuilding workplaces destroyed by terrorists.

Special purpose fundraisers

You can support the Eaglewatch Foundation’s activities by choosing a specific purpose.

How We act

Learn more about projects implemented by the Orla Straż Foundation in territories recovered from terrorists.

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