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Helping. It makes sense.

When helping people in a country such as Iraq, it needs to be taken into consideration that not everything will always go according to a plan. The worst thing is powerlessness. In some cases, we are simply unable to help. There are complicated and costly medical...

Will the pandemic results bring another humanitarian crisis?

The situation in the world which we have been witnessing for several months is not conducive to humanitarian activities. Since March, many humanitarian organizations have been forced to stop their work in Iraq and Kurdistan.It was caused by the ‘lockdown’ which we...

[A Close Point of View] What has happened to global terrorism?

Has global terrorism ceased to threaten us? For a while, we haven’t heard about tragic attacks like the ones that happened between 2014 and 2017 in Paris, Nice, and Manchester. What has happened to global terrorism?If we analyze the news from the last months, we will...

Help during the time of the pandemic, part 2.

In March this year, a lockdown was imposed in Iraq which lasted until half of August. For a long time, many shops as well as roads between the provinces were closed. Humanitarian organizations halted their activities. Residents of camps for internally displaced people...

Different? Or worse?

The Third World. That is where war never ends. That is how it is over there. I have heard this many times about the place where we work and the people whom we try to help. Have you ever thought how divided our planet is based on stereotypes that have nothing to do...

[A close point of view] From dehumanization to genocide

Starting from today, once in a while we will publish on our website articles on various topics, not necessarily related to the Eaglewatch’s activities. It will be a series of feuilletons under the title „A close point of view”, and as the title indicates, sometimes...

Fundraising for educational center for widows and children in Khanke

More than 250 women and children learn here every day and attend therapy sessions.

Fundraising for rebuilding workplaces

‘Great Job’ Project – We are rebuilding workplaces destroyed by terrorists.

Special purpose fundraisers

You can support the Eaglewatch Foundation’s activities by choosing a specific purpose.

How We act

Learn more about projects implemented by the Orla Straż Foundation in territories recovered from terrorists.

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