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Iraq. Our Mission

The Eaglewatch was created in 2016. What were the beginnings of our activities? Whom and how do we help? Before the foundation’s establishment, its founder Bartek Rutkowski was working as the chief training at the Diving and Deep Diving Training Center of the Polish...

FROM THE WATER TO THE SAND #17 – These people are very tough

In this episode Bartosz Rutkowski talks about his latest trip to Iraq. You will find out, among others, about the project of board games which Bartosz brought for children from our befriended educational centers. You will hear about requests from local communities as...

Only you haven’t deceived me

In the last two articles, Bartek reported, among others, on his visit to Iraq, including the Khanke and Shariya centers where he delivered board games. I will only remind you that the aim of the project is to support children development through educational games. You...

We are here to help

Our second this year trip to Iraq is taking place during the exceptionally hot summer. But as usual, we have too many things to do and no time left to complain. One of the goals of this trip, although not the only one, is to launch the board games project. But I will...

Fundraising for educational center for widows and children in Khanke

More than 250 women and children learn here every day and attend therapy sessions.

Fundraising for rebuilding workplaces

‘Great Job’ Project – We are rebuilding workplaces destroyed by terrorists.

Special purpose fundraisers

You can support the Eaglewatch Foundation’s activities by choosing a specific purpose.

How We act

Learn more about projects implemented by the Orla Straż Foundation in territories recovered from terrorists.

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