Bartosz Rutkowski received the Jan Rodowicz “Anoda” Award

25 May 2021 | Uncategorized

The Jan Rodowicz “Anoda” Awards ceremony was held for the 9th time at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. This year Bartosz Rutkowski, the founder of the Eaglewatch, was the winner in the “Social action” category.

What is social action? The Warsaw Uprising Museum describes it as “an outstanding work or social enterprise completed with success.” Bartek’s initiative became successful through many people’s commitment to helping terrorism victims in the Middle East. I would also add that social action is a joint activity bringing together a large group of people to carry out some work. Therefore, a huge thank you as well as appreciation are due to you, namely all the people who are part of this group and support us every day. In this case, the term “social action” has a long-term dimension, since we have been bringing help to the needy for more than five years.

Photograph: Michał Zajączkowski/Warsaw Uprising Museum

When receiving the award, Bartek emphasized the great contribution of all our volunteers and donors to helping ISIS victims. This help wouldn’t be possible without you and your huge commitment. We treat this award as a tribute to the Polish people’s service in supporting people in Iraq.

I treat is a joint award since we do what we do thanks to thousands of people that support us. People who went through hell on earth associate our white and red colors with hope and help.

We are very happy and we congratulate Bartek, but we need to say that each of the nominees has equally earned the award. They deserve the greatest respect for their wonderful achievements. Here you will find the report from the ceremony as well as profiles of the nominees: Finał IX edycji Nagrody im. Jana Rodowicza „Anody”.

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