Christians massacred in Nigeria. Nearly 200 people were killed.

30 December 2023 | Uncategorized

The devastating massacre occurred just before Christmas and on Christmas Eve in Plateau State, Nigeria. Although the exact number of victims remains uncertain, it is known that nearly 200 people lost their lives. Hundreds of people were injured, and several thousand had to flee their homes.

Reports from this horrific massacre are truly shocking. In a series of coordinated attacks, terrorists struck over 20 villages, subsequently burning them to the ground. The attackers shot everyone in their sight, even small children and infants. They also filmed their atrocities and published them online. The recordings of this brutal murder can be found on the internet.

The target of the attack were Christians living in the Plateau region, located in the central part of the country. Witnesses have identified the perpetrators as Muslim herdsmen from the Fulani tribe. The Fulani is a nomadic people that predominantly inhabit the countries of West Africa. Most of them live in Nigeria. For many years, they have been attacking Christian villages, looting and stealing cattle, destroying crops, and often carrying out massacres like the one that has just happened on Christmas. Some unconfirmed sources suggest a possible link between Fulani groups and jihadists from Boko Haram, often referred to as the Nigerian equivalent of ISIS.

Mapa Nigerii z zaznaczonym stanem Plateau

Unfortunately, it appears that local authorities have been unable to effectively address the problem. There is widespread belief that many acts of violence against Christians are not adequately addressed or publicized. The ethno-religious conflict in Nigeria has been going on for a long time and is intensifying. Similar attacks occur practically every day.

This crime was widely reported in the media, mainly because the high number of victims. News outlets from all over the world wrote about it. But many similar atrocities are not even mentioned. Kidnappings, arson attacks, robberies, and murders take place in Nigeria on a regular basis. Terrorists have killed over 2,500 Christians in Nigeria just this year alone.

Mapa Nigerii z zaznaczonym stanem Plateau

We help to the best of our abilities

We have not spoken about it so far, but for several months we have been helping victims of terrorism in the Plateau region of Nigeria. Up to now, our assistance has been on a small scale, focusing on individual families. Will we be able to expand it? It will not be easy, we are committed to supporting families affected by acts of terror, often overlooked unless there is a large-scale massacre.

More information soon.

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