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May 30, 2019 | Great job

War does not end with the last shot. It lasts many years after, manifesting itself with its victims’ suffering and omnipresent destruction.

Help is needed not only when people die. Now is the time to support those who in 2014 were forced to flee. Thousands of people living in camps for internally displaced persons as well as families that have come back home equally need our help. Especially that it is not difficult to help. They can be supported at little cost.

Car repair shop – Qaraqosh, Ninevah Plain, December 2018

For this purpose, we rebuild the workplaces in order to make families returning home independent from external help. It is meant to improve their economic situation and prevent their mass exodus from the country. If these people leave, the lands originally inhabited by Yazidis and Christians will soon become deserted.

Eaglewatch – GREAT JOB Project

The Great Job project has supported more than fifty families so far. Maybe it is not many, but we open new shops and workshops every month, and the money is the only thing that limits their number. That is why in cooperation with the Siepomaga.pl portal we have started a fundraiser for the rebuilding of the workplaces.

Support the Great Job Project

The Great Job project is only one example of our activities. There are others that we have been implementing in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan for more than three years.

We have been trying to detail them all, at the same time giving an example of how help can be provided, even at a low cost. I invite you to read the previous posts and to visit our YouTube channel.

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