FROM THE WATER TO THE SAND #17 – These people are very tough

31 August 2021 | From the water to the sand, Stories of survivors, Video

In this episode Bartosz Rutkowski talks about his latest trip to Iraq.

You will find out, among others, about the project of board games which Bartosz brought for children from our befriended educational centers. You will hear about requests from local communities as well as individuals whom he met with. One of them is an appeal of the residents of Zomani to rebuild the school in their village.

Before the ISIS incursion, every village in Sinjar had its own school, oftentimes built by its residents. That was the case with Zomani. Recently some families came back here after seven years spent in camps for internally displaced persons. People had enough of ….. and wanted to start their lives anew.But after returning to thei village, instead of school they found ruins. These families have asked to help them rebuild it. You will hear more about it from Bartek, watching episode 17 of FROM THE WATER TO THE SAND or clicking on the link below.

Budujemy szkołę w Zomani

Chcemy wybudować szkołę w Zomani, aby dać dzieciom możliwość edukacji. Koszt takiego przedsięwzięcia wyniesie około 30 tysięcy złotych.

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