The fire in Sinjar and fundraising for Hazar

Jun 18, 2019 | Medical assistance, Urgent cases

Today a few words about the fire which erupted in the southern part of the Sinjar Mountains region and appeal for help in financing treatment of Hazar – a mother of three that suffers from cancer.

At the beginning of June, Sinjar suffered from a wave of fires.

Thousands of farmlands located nearby farm buildings and residential houses went up in flames. The fire was spreading in a flash, and extremely high temperatures and strong wind were hindering firefighting action. It is a region that was completely destroyed as a result of ISIS incursion. The town is at the moment inhabitable. Many smaller towns and villages around Sinjar suffer from electricity shortages as well as lack of medical help and basic education.

Fire in Sinjar [News]

The residents stood up to fight the fire.

Although it sounds unbelievable, it was not trained and equipped firefighters (there are no professional firefighter units in Sinjar), but the residents who started an extremely dangerous fight with the fire. With the use of blankets, sand, and tractors with harrow they were trying to extinguish the fire and to stop it from spreading towards residential houses. You could see in the video above how desperately they were trying to save their land.

After a week of fighting the fire with all possible means, the situation got under control. As a result, two volunteers who made a heroic attempt to stop the fire were killed.

Barzan and Sabri most probably saved many people’s lives. It is worth adding that Barzan for many years lived in the Netherlands where he received asylum and residence permit. However, he came back to Sinjar where he was born and grew up. It is also where he died saving other people’s lives.

The fire destroyed crops and killed livestock that was impossible to evacuate. Many farmers lost their entire livelihoods.

Not a long time ago a video recorded in the USA where a farmer was trying to stop the fire with a tractor harrow went viral on the Internet. The video was watched by millions and everyone was impressed by his effort. Probably just a few people will hear about the fire in Sinjar and the heroic attitude of its residents.

We would also like to ask you for help in collecting funds for Hazar’s treatment. Hazar is a young, 29-year-old mother of three wonderful children, who is fighting stomach cancer.

Despite the fact that we have never organized such an action before, now the situation is extraordinary. The woman lives with her husband and children in the IDP camp in Khanke. She has a chance for recovery. She has a chance to live.
We have started a fundraiser on the Siepomaga.pl portal aimed at collecting 15,000 zlotys for Hazar’s treatment.

EDIT: Hazar were died after months of heroic fight. She orphaned three her childrens.

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