The world has announced a victory over ISIS. Rightly so?

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In March this year we heard that the Islamic State was defeated. What is the truth?

Terrorism still exist. “The last bastion of ISIS” – as the media wrote – the village of Baghouz in Syria defended by the remnants of this organization, was captured. The news broke in all TV and radio stations and press all over the world. The so awaited victory became a fact.

I used the phrase “the last bastion of ISIS” in the first sentence deliberately. On Google’s fourth search engine result page, usually very rarely visited, articles related to this phrase can still be found. Rarely anyone mentions that before the final confrontation the bandits, who call themselves fighters, organized a bloody ceremony, raping and then beheading 50 Yazidi women. Parts of their desacrated bodies were later found in a dumpster. We may say that those were the last victims. That victory demands sacrifice. And that from now on there will be peace… There will not.

Few days ago, on the 20th of Augusut, a young girl was beaten to death in a camp for internally displaced persons in Al-Houl in Syria.

She was killed by other women that lived in the camp as well. The reason was neither jealousy, nor an argument, nor any other similar circumstance. The girl was a Yazidi, and she was attacked by Muslim women – wives and daughters of those same bandits who were terrorizing the world.

Do you want to know the reason behind this murder? The girl wanted to flee the camp, which is ruled by people related to the Islamic State. The wives and children of terrorists as well as their victims live in the same camp…

ISIS has not been defeated yet.

Do you remember terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, when 260 people were killed and 500 injured? The topic of terrorism returned for a while to be quickly replaced by other events. There was an attack, there were victims, but it was far away from us. And we are still safe. It was difficult to figure out who carried out those attacks and who was their leader. There were many assumptions. Finally, the topic died down. Obviously, the information about the victims and their murderers appeared later on, even in the Polish media, but they were not publicized much.

The responsibility for those attacks was claimed by the Islamic State, allegedly “defeated” a month earlier.

The video of the leader – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – apeared in the Internet. The same al-Baghdadi was “burried” in ar-Raqqah a year earlier. According to the several-minute-long video which was published by terrorists, he is alive and well. He gives reasons behind the attack in this specific place and announces another ones. Maybe you have missed a detail about one of the suicide bombers that he studied in the UK and Australia. Two others were sons of a wealthy spices trader. They were all well educated and from good families.

People are still dying in Sinjar.

Not long time ago in Sinjar in Iraq, a place where the Yazidis are slowly returning to, two hunters were kidnapped, tortured and murdered by ISIS. A boy, who was herding sheep, was shot dead. Noone saw the perpetrators. Another shepherd, also from Sinjar, stepped on a land mine. He lost his leg. People are afraid to go back because the entire region is covered with unexploaded bombs, land mines, booby traps and bandits appearing out of nowhere.

Practically every few days our friends from Iraq send us messsages describing situation in their hometowns and villages.

Therefore, we are given first-hand information. Not long time ago one of them published a piece of news from a Yazidi news portal. The aritcle refered to victims in Sinjar and other places. It was estimated that 100 people died this way. At the end the author apologized to the readers for not asking the UN for help on behalf of the victims. Given the UN’s inaction, it was useless.

If hope dies last, it has already died in the Yazidis.

We haven’t committed any words on United Nations in this post just because it’s now baseless to ask them for any kind of help and everyone knows this reality.

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